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16 августа, 2002

Электронное РЕЛЕ ДАВЛЕНИЯ с обнаружением ЗАСОРА ФЛАНЦА ДАВЛЕНИЯ существенно сокращает время простоя и уменьшает стоимость обслуживания

Watertown, Ma - United Electric Controls (UE) introduces the innovative solid state One Series 2-Wire Pressure Switch that detects blockage of the sensor port due to process debris, slurries or crustation build-up. Operating on just two wires and powered from PLC/DCS discrete input, the One Series diagnostic capabilities include detection, signal and display of the plugged or isolated sensor condition, signaling operators to take corrective action to restore normal process flow and assure accurate monitoring and control. With Plugged Port Detection users can reduce process down-time, lower maintenance costs, and help assure accurate process and safety measurements.

The One Series 2-Wire Switch is an economical alternative to transmitters, providing significant cost-savings with a list price of only $375.00, and simplified wiring and installation. The One Series provides solid state reliability, patented IAW® diagnostics, local display and set-up, and carries cULus and CENELEC agency certification for Division 2 and Intrinsically Safe hazardous locations. With break-through 2-Wire technology, it can be used as a drop-in replacement for a mechanical switch in existing applications without additional wiring or modification. In addition, the One Series' Plugged Port Detection eliminates faulty "live zero" signals that may result when transmitter sensor ports are blocked.

Housed in a rugged Type 4X/IP56 enclosure, the One Series is equipped with welded #316 stainless steel sensors that cover ranges from 0 to 4500 psi. The front panel of the One Series provides digital display of process pressures and tamper-proof keypad adjustment for selecting switch set point and operating mode. Operators can activate or disable the Plugged Port feature based on process parameters and conditions. In the field, they can select an on-off dead band from 0 to 100% of the pressure range, assuring precise tuning to maximize system efficiency, especially for applications such as level control or pump operation.

Available for immediate delivery, the new One Series 2-Wire line joins the UE family of innovative and cost-effective detection, sensing and switching pressure and temperature products. UE products and service are available through our network of worldwide stocking distributors. To receive complete information, contact United Electric Controls Company, 180 Dexter Avenue, Watertown, MA 02472 USA. Phone 617/926-1000, Fax 617/926-4354.

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