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25 июня, 2001

One Series Electronic Switch gets approval by Factory Mutual

17 апреля, 2001

Electronic Sanitary Pressure Switch Reduces Instrumentation Costs While Improving System Reliability

4 апреля, 2001

United Electric Controls expands, acquiring Trans Metrics, a leader in rugged pressure transducers and transmitters

22 января, 2001

Non-Clogging Digital Pressure Sensor with Threshold Detection Switch

4 декабря, 2000

A New Electronic Differential Pressure Switch Features Stainless Steel Sensor, 3-in-1 Functionality and Immediate Delivery.

23 мая, 2000

United Electric Controls Announces an Electronic Differential Pressure Switch that Monitors and Reports its Own Health

1 июля, 1999

United Electric selected as finalist for "Excellence in Innovation" Award

15 июня, 1999

New Pressure Switch - Spectra 25 series

Май, 1999

United Electric's Value Engineering Means Price Reduction for Customers

10 февраля, 1999

One Series Electronic Pressure and Temperature Switches Now Offers Users Choice of AC or DC Power

10 августа, 1998

Spectra 12T™ Stainless Steel Temperature Switch Meets Hazardous Location Requirements

1 мая, 1998

The One Series Electronic Switch

Октябрь, 1997

CE Status for United Electric Controls Low Voltage Directive

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Breakthrough "Three-In-One" Pressure Instrument

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